Changes to psVoodoo

v0.13 from v0.12

  • Changes to support F22 Total Air War.

v0.12 from v0.11

  • Go back to Oct 2004 version of DX9 SDK, so as not to require users to install extra dlls. (Accidently swapped to later version of DX9 SDK in psVoodoo v0.11.

v0.11 from v0.10

  • Support the checkerboard stereoscopic mode (used my many TVs).
  • Swap to VS 2005

v0.10 from v0.9

  • Clean up support of stereoscopic display
  • Add anaglyph mode

v0.9 from v0.8

  • Add vs 2005 project files (plus vs2005 build fixes)
  • Spot some cases of glide calls where values are unchanged and avoid passing on calls to D3D (plus other optimisations)
  • No syslock during LockRect
  • Use SYSTEMMEM texture rather than offscreen plain surface (as does D3DX)
  • Disallowed use of D3DLOCK_DISCARD (found by debug version)
  • Use DrawPrimitiveUP. Seems to be more efficient.

v0.8 from v0.4

  • Correct handling of Delta0 mode
  • Support managed textures
  • Allocate 16bit depth buffer if 24bit allocation fails
  • Support use of TrueColor frame buffer
  • Support us of screen subarea for widescreen monitors
  • Support real 3D on 3D Monitors
  • Provide configuration app